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Use the online cart provided – or you can call us at our number and place the order.‚Äč

Payment and Shipping

Rider will dispatch it personally to you and payment is cash on delivery.

Returns and Refunds

We promise you freshness and quality much more than what you can get from the market in town if you found our product stale in anyway you can refuse to accept order- we are sure this will never happen.


Seefood.pk packages its product in standard Tri Layer packages to keep the sea food fresh.
The price you pay is for the sea food only, actual package weighs more than seafood.
This means that if you have paid for a KG of an article that will really be 1 KG.


Your Sea food will be delivered to you in not more than 48 hours of order confirmations.

As we don’t sell frozen/Frost Sea food it requires some time to package and deliver.

Frozen/Stored Sea food

We do not Sell frozen/Frost sea food as it effects your health and our quality both.
Seefood.pk is the only vendor in Pakistan who have live coiling storage means we have almost live stocks which is not frozen at any cost to ensure the freshness promise to our valued customers.

Help line

You can get in touch with our sales & Support team on : 0335-SEEFOOD(7333663)


Invoices are emailed post delivery to customers on the email they provide – as a responsible company we prefer to support paper less approach.
We support initiatives to reduce “Global warming” hence only digital invoices are used instead of paper invoices.

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